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    VERY simple 08m Question about If-Then/flashing LED

    Hi Everyone. I tried some simple searches for my problem with no luck. So, I hope you can help really quick. Thanks in advance. I have a very simple circuit on a breadboard that simply flashes an LED. The program is supposed to look for a contact closure on Pin 3 and then go to a subroutine...
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    Has anyone ever had a PIC and/or PCB catch fire?

    I had a PICaxe microcontroller on a custom printed circuit board catch fire and fry itself and a nearby board. Have you ever seen this happen ever? It doesn't seem like the kind of failure caused by a gradual overheating with a current overload. It seems more like a large failure caused by...
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    PICAXE 08M questions about LED control

    I am using a picaxe 08M with a 4.5 volt supply. I am trying to fade an array of LEDS when a finger passes over a sensor in a lit room. Here is my progress so far. I have so far succeeded in using an LDR to notice a finger passing by, and I can make one LED fade out in the time I like. Now...
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    what is the useable voltage of the output pins of an 08M?

    I understand that 20mA is available to each pin, but what should the voltage be? I assume there is 4.5 volts, since that is my power supply, but is there a drop through the picaxe? I know this is a pretty simple question, but all my looking didn't provide results. (I'm a very green newbie)...