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    Picaxe programmer PCB for CH340 "Gold" USB Serial Adapter

    Sorry to mention this IBenson, but all UNused inputs on the 74HC14 hex inverter should be tied to either rail. This prevents false triggering on used inverters. The quote below is from the 74HC14 datasheet--Pg12 Unused inputs must be terminated to either VCC or ground. These can be directly...
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    Using transistor to switch power on with a push button

    I found this circuit in my archives - it might be of interest to this thread. A centre off toggle switch has a continuous and button position which gives approx 15 seconds of power before turn off.
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    TIME and Timer1 on M2s

    Bit 0 of PIR1 gets set when Timer1 overflows (pic16F1823) . It should be possible to do a PEEKFSR on PIR1. PIR1 is in Bank0. Regards. GY44
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    AXE027 alternate

    Hi guys, Have a look at this pdf on this subject. I have used the circuit in fig.4 successfully. Regards. GY44