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    Printing problem - No cell numbers

    Hi all, I installed PE6 ( on a Win7 PC and everything seems to have gone well, except that it will not print out the cell numbers. I made a program in Logicator and converted it to a .bas file. In the editor I can see the cell numbers and the gotos all correctly, but when printing only...
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    Is it possible to change the background and font color to something else?

    I was wishing for a way to tone down that white background and change font color too. Maybe have a way to change color of keywords, commands, comments. I have not had much success trying to do this. Am I missing something? Thanks
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    Barcode Wizard

    I can't seem to find any information about how to use the barcode wizard. Can anyone tell me what this is for? Does it require a piece of hardware that I do not have? I have searched for info but have found nothing. Thanks
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    New bread board style Proto type board

    Hi guys, I have designed this PCB and was wondering if there might be any interest in it. The price will be $8.95 a piece with discounts for larger orders. It has places for the most common parts like 78xx regulators and a 3.75mm stereo jack for programming. Here is a pic of the front side of...
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    Enclosures: What tools used on a budget for cutting holes and windows ?

    I have seen some very nice projects on the web and a lot of them seem to have a professional look as far as how neatly the plastic is cut to fit the LCD or switches or whatever. I am disabled and have very little money for tools and not much hand strength left (arthritis). How does one cut...
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    Picaxe 20X2 putting out strange numbers. Need help converting if possible.

    Hi I am using a 20X2 and trying to pass numbers out the serial port using serout to a 20M2 using serin. When I view the numbers with the terminal program they are correct. BUT when I use another terminal program like CoolTerm or the Arduino serial terminal program, the numbers are all wrong...
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    LED Strip Control

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    Communicating from PICAXE M2 series to Arduino UNO advice needed.

    I would like to have a Picaxe driven sensor on one board and have it pass data to an Arduino UNO (or Mini or Mega). I was wondering what the best (easiest) way to do this was. for instance I would like to pass analog values and digital like from a temp and motion sensor. Should I use something...
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    Picaxe 08M2+ PIR and Relay put together for a automatic light switch

    Here is a project I made to turn on my basement light when someone enters the laundry room. I chose the PICAXE 08M2 for this because it was just the right little chip for the job. When I first started this project I thought it would be a straight forward "easy" thing to do, well, it was not...
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    Wait, I have a blog? COOL!

    I had no idea this was here. OK, back to work. :p
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    here's Q