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    Hippy status, rev 2.0

    I can't agree with that either. FTDI are the best available IMO. I play it safe by sourcing critical components/devices from reputable distributors/dealers ... instead of looking for "bargains" from sources that are known to sell counterfeits and fakes. I imagine most everyone here knows...
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    Hippy status, rev 2.0

    Another little known adapter is actually manufactured by FTDI and is the UMFT234XF ..... UMFT234XF DataSheet This adapter uses the FT234XD IC and works great. Signals can be inverted for Picaxe via FTPROG. It is tiny with a very small footprint. The only issue is that none are available until...
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    Hippy status, rev 2.0

    Fakes/Counterfeits seem to work perfectly until you try to use advanced features , like changing the power descriptor, or inverting the I/Os via FT_PROG. If you got that message my guess is that they were mostl likely fake/counterfeit. How to identify a Fake FTDI Adapter: 1.) The price of...
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    Wireless programming ?

    Hi Stan, The LC-1000/2000PA modules worked fine as I recall. These operate as a transparent UART. I did not pursue past a working prototype due to a seeming lack of interest. But it was fun figuring out how to do it ... I see no Inhaos modules listed on Ebay at this time. If anyone is...
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    Hippy status, rev 2.0

    Welcome back hippy. You were obviously missed. Genuine FTDI Best of the best except for the cost. No external inverter required Fake FTDI Chips/Adapters: These do not have a writable EEPROM and therefore cannot be programmed via FT_PROG to invert the Serial I/O lines as required by...
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    Are Rev-Ed & Picaxe missing out??

    I would only agree if you mean interpreted BASIC. There are BASIC compilers available for 8-Bit PIC and AVR that compare quite favorably with C, and in some cases can even outperform C. Picaxe/ Picaxe BASIC is not for high speed/high performance applications. It is for education and learning...
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    Controller for electric ATV with BLDC motor

    If I am not mistaken most controllers respond to a throttle voltage from about 0.8V to 4.0V. Where 0.8V just starts the motor and 4.0v is wide open. It should not be too difficult to use a Picaxe between the thumb throttle and the Controller so that the full mechanical range of the...
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    Controller for electric ATV with BLDC motor

    Is the motor controller the original one that came with the Grizzly? Did you get the Grizzley new? If that is the behavior from a new Grizzly then they are selling an unsafe product. Cheap non-programmable controllers can behave in this manner where there is about a 1 second delay .. then...
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    Download Circuit Question

    In regards to the 22K series resistor for Picaxe Programming, it CAN eliminated if all you do is Program with a TTL adapter, but I would not recommend it. I might reduce the value to 1K to at least have some protection from over voltage. If the reason to eliminate it is to gain space on...
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    @premelec You have helped many folks here, I am one. You will be missed. I may not be too far behind you. Thank You and Best Wishes, Goey
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    Absolute encoder programming

    @chaymoss Perhaps you could describe your actual application? What type of motor ? Brushed? Brushless ? Stepper? Geared Stepper? How fast will the motor be turning ? What is the motor attached to ? Consider that @ 5000 RPM ... one motor shaft revolution takes 12000 microseconds.... So...
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    Servo help

    If it stopped working with no changes on your part then there has been a failure unrelated to the code. If you changed something then revert the change and retest. Assuming that nothing was changed, the first thing I would check is the power to the servo. Measure the voltage across the...
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    18M2 Vref pin(s)

    The 18M2 is the only Picaxe that does not allow use of an external voltage reference with the Vref+ pin. However, the internal 4.096 FVR can be used. I have found it to be quite accurate and generally good enough for most ADC applications. If you must have an external voltage reference then...
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    IRIN Command Hangs Up

    To attach a file simply click on "Attach Files" at the bottom of the text input window. In the popup find the file on your PC, then select it and click on "OPEN". It will be attached. If you drew the diagram by hand you will need scan into your PC or take a photo and then transfer it to your...
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    Project with Picaxe28*2 randomly starts on its own

    If using a car battery then you must be getting 5 Volts from somewhere. Where ? Shall we assume a regulator of sorts ? If it in a car, then the car's alternator also comes in to play. Alternators can generate rather large noise spikes. Cat 5 cable is unshielded. So is it located in an...