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    Code to control output On and Off pulse times with pots

    It certainly can. You can get a free copy of "555 Timer Pro" . It will show several methods for achieving duty cycle < 50% You can also use a 555 timer along with a comparator or op amp to generate a nice adjustable PWM from 0 - 100 percent duty
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    NPN + PNP switch

    IRFD9120PBF(Vishay) Gate Threshold = 2.0V VP3203N3-G (Microchip) Gate Threshold = 1.0V
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    PICAXE 28X2 PulsOUT command data doesn't match actual output.

    As Alan explained a Picaxe has significant overhead as it processes instructions. This overhead must be accounted for in order to get accurate timings. Therefore in practice a Pause 20 will never actually pause exactly 20 ms. According to your scope shots the "period" is about 22 ms for a...
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    More ADC questions and output questions

    The 10-bit ADC result is formed by registers ADRESH:ADRESL Where the upper 2 bits of ADRESL are the LSB of the 10-Bit WORD. The result will always be a 10-bit word with 10-bit resolution but the 2 LSB "MAY" be inaccurate if using FVR1024 as the ADC reference . It's not like the lower byte (...
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    More ADC questions and output questions

    @rq3, Glad you opened a ticket on this and that you did not accept the initial reply. I will certainly be interested in the next response. My experiences has been that given time, Microchip will eventually get the correct information to you if you are nice, yet persistent. I once had an issue...
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    Very high fidelity volume control chip with serial control

    A Picaxe should be able to control the chip via the serial protocol. Just clock in 16 bits. Then send a latch pulse. The application circuit should get you started. If the manufacturer offers a development board I might get that to help speed up the develepment procecss.
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    Ethernet Cable?

    My service provider markets my service as "up to 400 Mbps.". Right now I am getting 423 Mbps per OOKLA. However at times it drops to less than 80 Mbps. This is due to the provider overselling the bandwidth in my area. When more than a certain number of users in the area start streaming...
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    picaxe to lcd display, not do-able

    Attached are 2 examples of how a Parallel LCD Display can be connected to a PICAXE 28X2. In 4-bit mode with Hippy's code ( now updated by Alan) any available Pixaxe pin can be used for any Data or Control line. Simply define the pins in the code. Liink to Hippy/Alan Code Link to IWP Universal...
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    picaxe to lcd display, not do-able

    @Peter Not impossible at all. Hundreds, if not thousands of folks use Picaxe Chips with LCD displays on a daily basis. Arguably, these are the most commonly available types pf LCD displays. These include the common 16x 2 and 20 x 4 formats among others. 1) 8-Bit / 4-bit Parallel HD44780 (or...
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    Inaccuracy with background serial receive on 20X2

    After doing a bit of research I will offer the following (my opinions mixed with some facts) 1) 74F logic is speed oriented at the expense of high power consumption. Certainly would not be recommended for any type of battery operated device. 2) 74F logic may be too fast to directly connect to...
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    Inaccuracy with background serial receive on 20X2

    It does not appear that guessing will effectively resolve this one. It may be a good idea to get one of those cheap 8-bit Logic Analyzers and actually look at the serial data being sent to the PICAXE. Even better, buy borrow or steal a scope for troubleshooting. With a scope you can see the...
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    Identifying bytes sent by IR?

    @WhitesSpace Your code example will print the memory address (0?) and not the byte value that resides at at that address. Try this instead. Let b10 = @Hserptr Pause 1000 SerTxd ("b10 = ",#b10, CR, LF)
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    PE6 Terminal, control character behaviour ?

    Many other terminal apps process a BS as "destructive" that is , it overwrtes the previous character as it moves backwards. So I would not call this a bug, but rather an unexpected change. I actually prefer a destructive backspace in most cases. Ideally the terminal app should allow you to...
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    Identifying bytes sent by IR?

    You could also use a separate Picaxe chip to drive the stepper motor so that it is not affected by other operations. More expensive but I would consider RF over IR. Not cheap ASK modules but, smart transceivers That use FSK or GFSK and that are UART enabled. These have built in protocol and...
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    Inaccuracy with background serial receive on 20X2

    @Andy, Many years ago I discovered serial inaccuracies on several Picaxe chips. The thread can be read HERE. As a result, Rev-ed did eventually revise the Firmware on the 20X2, there may have been other updates, but I have not kept up. Hserin uses the PIC USART peripheral. This hardware...