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    Perfect beverage for working on PicAxe projects! Saw this and figured it might lighten your day, tom
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    Vintage iButton Bling

    Years ago I got a few temperature buttons and placed then in the chicken nests. I charted the data to see how much time each hen spent on her nest as she laid her eggs, incubated them, and then brooded her chicks. Fun project, but data is long gone. I got them out a year ago and they were...
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    Graphical display from serial port data

    This has been a good discussion, and got me to thinking about larger displays for some Picaxe projects. Our local thrift shop always has old PC displays of various sizes for $15 to $30. These typically are older, and come equipped with VGA ports. I would love to find a VT100 to VGA converter...
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    Using a single cell LIPO to power an 8M2 or 14M2

    If you look on the popular online seller sites you can find tiny boards about the size of a postage stamp that provide a micro usb charging port and a cutoff to protect the lion cell. I've used these on several projects, and they are usually priced around $2. tom
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    Displays for 2019

    Wow, that's about half the price for the big Nextion I've seen. It isn't the advanced version, but even so, that cools my jets for trying to make an adapter for amazon screen. I used a nextion on one project, and it has been fine. I'm no wizard, but it would have the advantage of familiarity...
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    Displays for 2019

    Well, 2020 is nearly over, and I just got an idea from an Amazon sale. They have an 8" screened device called Echo Show 8 on sale for $70. That sounds like a bargain for a fairly large touch screen. I have zero interest in Amazon spying on me, but if this device could be hacked to use the...
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    What's next after M2?

    For my projects, the picaxe mpu has plenty of power. What I would like to see more development on is a wider range of functions. If the editor was able to load extra precompiled functions as needed, it would be great to have floating point math, better trig functions, etc. Tom
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    Ever wonder how long PICAXE projects can last?

    Back in 2011 I build an accelerometer for my home built aircraft. I don't have the plane anymore, but I still have the accelerometer and it still works. It uses an 18M and a two line LCD to implement a digital and analog reading. Calibration is done use good old natural gravity. A single...
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    SX126x LoRa modules !

    Time for a quick update. The signal strength, RSSI, has been increasing for the last week or so. I think the newly opened leaves and the rain blocked the signal more effectively than when dry. That seems intuitively right, as more water content the blocking effect would be increased. In his...
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    Be afraid, very afraid !

    Don't forget the non-lethal crowd dispersing robot: Fartius
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    SX126x LoRa modules !

    Here is a bit of an update. I set my Dorji SX1268 modules BW31.25, SF12, and CR 4/5. With only a few tests, RSSI varies from 142 to 150, about the same as where it has been the last couple of weeks. Besides the leafing out of the oaks, I do see signal levels drop in heavy rain. So far, I...
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    SX126x LoRa modules !

    Here's my settings: Band width=125khz, Spread factor=11, Code rate=4/5 Each transmission consists of: two byte qualifier and a single byte data. I tried a spread factor of 12, but that didn't seem to work. I may have screwed up in using the setting tool. I went back to 11, and quit...
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    SX126x LoRa modules !

    The new nine element Yagi is at my house. So far, the mailbox, made of plastic, conceals a two element Yagi, but there is room for one more element. Around here, mailboxes get clouted by kids, so I don't want anything to attract attention to mine. The only exception is the 100mm square solar...
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    SX126x LoRa modules !

    The oaks have leafed out, and reception between the mail box has been interrupted. Before I build a repeater, I figured I'd spend more time on antennas. The mailbox has a two element Yagi and the house has a Yagi with three elements. They are both from plans found on internet, and have had no...
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    Choice of Display module.

    You might consider the Nextion display: It's not cheap, but it gives you both a display and touchscreen input. The device has enough power to take a fair load off the Picaxe and uses a simple uart interface. Advanced models have real time clock and 8 bit gpio. tom