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    08M Robot with Full Motor Control and a IR Distance Sensor

    I ran across this little bot while searching Picaxe projects. I found it quite interesting how he uses the 08M to control a SN754410 motor driver chip and a Sharp IR sensor. Not sure if anyone has seen this bot before but I liked how it worked. The OP includes a schematic, code and video...
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    Picaxe Class

    Well done Mr. Erco... that class would have been just too much fun! Especially combining two of my more favorite pastimes, Picaxe and cold ones! Wish I could have been there. I will keep an eye out for your project write-up. Cheers! -Gary
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    Latest Robot

    Hey Mr Hemi, Thanks for the good words! Glad you liked my bot. As for the polycarb part, I bought this for a dollar a while back. Supposed to fit a SRF004 but never did. I had to Dremel the holes to get them 1.5mm closer. It finally found a home on this bot. We bend pieces of polycarb at...
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    Latest Robot

    Well, it is not the best Figure8. The path is never the same as the front tires can skid a bit when it hits a slick spot. Path is timed. Hey Erco... Hope this will qualify for the Figure 8 Challenge!
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    Latest Robot

    Hey Erco! Good to hear from you! I accept the figure 8 challenge and will try to get you a video soon. I did get my program working with this bot, not perfect, but a decent start. -Gary
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    Latest Robot

    Thanks Ibenson! Linkage is just a bent wire going from the outermost hole in the plastic servo arm to a similar brass arm on the steering post. I have it capable of turning 30 degrees each way from straight ahead.
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    Latest Robot

    Just finished building this bot yesterday. It looks a lot like one I made 2-yars ago but with some improvements. New robot is more compact, has ultrasonic sensor instead of a Sharp IR. Motor is from an old floppy drive and the gearbox is aluminum bar stock with gears and tires from slotcars...
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    Twinny M2 Robots

    Hey Erco! Now there is an awesome pair of bots! Well done! I am going to have to try making another with a chip larger than my usual 08M2.
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    Code Error

    A few years ago I made this solenoid engine. The operation uses a Hall effect sensor to fire a transistor (TIP 105) to switch on the solenoid current. It stays on for about 30 degrees of flywheel rotation and shuts off the transistor. Max speed @ 9vdc is about 180-200 rpm. Here is a link to the...
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    Less Is More 08M2 Robot

    Erco... I took your advice and added the IR receiver for an extra remote control. All my IO is now used. The code has been re-written for the IR. All that is needed is the universal tv remote. See if I can find one this weekend. Here is a new photo of the robot.
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    Less Is More 08M2 Robot

    Hello All, I built a robot using the 08M2 chip. I have a write up on it on this website: [URL=""/URL] It ran ok with the original code but I wanted to update it. Here is the updated code: '**************************** 'Robot#2_R1.bas 'Picaxe 08M2...
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    Need a Point in Right Direction

    Greetings All, I have built my BeerBot and have it in the Blogs. The final bit of wiring I need has not shown up in many searches. I use 2-protoytpe boards. The AXE118 with a 20M2 and the 08 Protoboard with the 08M chip. 08 runs the Tenda Speech board and the Adafruit Audio amp great. 08...
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    Here are a couple more photos of my Robot. Am still looking for the way to wire up my 20M2 and 08M protoboards so I can send a signal to play a certain phrase based on the program.
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    I started working on this robot about 3 months ago. It uses a RevEd Axe118 20M2 Project Board as the main controller. Another board, L293D handles the drive motor. Steering is done with a standard size servo and a smaller SG90 size rotates the Sharp IR Sensor. I made the sensor plug-in board...
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    08M2 for my Project... maybe

    Greetings, I have finished the build of my project and now for the controller. Reading the manual and searching the Forum it looks like the 08M2 will work with 6 I/O available. Here is the list of what I need to control with what I think will work : 1. Single Motor control thru an L293D...