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    Display driver MAX7219 vs MAX6951 with 08M2

    Hi I would like to switch from MAX7219 to MAX6951 as a driver for a 7 segment display counter controlled by a 08M2. After reading the very good Ron Hackett book ("PicAxe microcontroller projects for the evil genius") , the Maxim's datasheet for both MAX7219, MAX6951 and the one explaining how...
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    VSM and @bptrinc

    Hello, I get a strange log message ie "commande has timed out!" when VSM simulation arrive at a "let @bptrinc = var" line in a picaxe prgm (20M2) to be more precise, VSM is on version 7.10 with the latest patch 4.0.4 installed for M2 parts Any comments will be very appreciate PS : sorry for...
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    Vitesse comparées d'exection des instructions picaxe

    bonjour, Passioné d'informatique et d'électronique, les picAxes combinent les deux et occupent depuis quelques jours mes soirées...:) Existe-t-il dans la documentation un tableau comparatif des vitesses d'execution des instructions du langage basic. Par exemple, 1) l'adressage indirect...