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    Picaxe motor driver boards

    Picaxe. Drive 4 motors forward and reverse. Is it possible to configure Picaxe motor driver boards to drive two L2939 motor driver chips. I use picaxe with my Meccano hobby,and have the need to drive 4 motors forward and reverse.(again) I have in the past made my own picaxe boards with 2 motor...
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    Help please - Terminal window

    Hello All, I use Picaxe with my Meccano hobby. New Laptop Windows 10. I have installed the drivers ok. From Picaxe I've purchased a new AXE027 download cable. I can now download my programs successfully. My question. At the end of a successful download, a page is displayed referring to Baud...
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    Infrared receiver with Picaxe Board CH1035A [I guess the answer is no]

    Hi All, I use Picaxe with my Meccano hobby. My question. Can I use an infrared receiver with Picaxe Project Board CH1035A? I can't see any reference to infrared commands on 18m2 data sheet.thanks all.Ernest
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    Nice meccano day out'

    Hello all. I use Picaxe with my Meccano hobby. The Henley Society of Meccano Engineers ,have their annual, Henley gathering. Henley on Thames Oxfordshire UK Saturday 30 August 2014, 9:00am – 5:00pm Venue The Christ Church Centre 46 Reading Road Henley-on-Thames Oxfordshire RG9 1AG A nice day...
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    Help please Putting Count & Pulsin together.

    Hi all. Help please. (I use Picaxe with my Meccano hobby). I have a slotted optical switch connected to my CH1035A board 18m2 . the switch works fine. What am I trying to do. I am trying to count Revs , using one hole in a rotating disk ,and then do something with the result. I am...
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    Pulsout and Speed control

    Hi all, yes! There is a question at the end of this. My home made board has a 20x2 and Two L293D motor driver chips. I use it with 12Vdc motors to drive my Meccano models. I am controlling 4 motors forwards and reverse and all have PWM Softstart/Softstop To do this I use Pulsout in subroutines...
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    Do I need I need a diode

    Hi all your wisdom please. Picaxe18 High Power project Board CH1035A. Re: The 4 FET Drivers. I have a 12Volt DC Motor connected to a FET Driver . The Motor is fitted with a 220nf Suppression capacitor. Question: Do I also need to fit a Back EMF suppression diode IN4001? Thanks Brian.
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    Help with Infrared transmitter

    Hello All, I really would appreciate your thoughts, even if it’s to tell me my code is rubbish and that I should take up fishing, so here goes . My Hobby is Meccano modelling. First what am I trying to do? I am trying to use infrared to control a Meccano model crane...
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    Help with Infrared channels

    #PICAXE 20X2 SYMBOL Txinfo = b12 ; variable to hold the value to be sent by IR comms SYMBOL countr = b10 ; variable to count how many time we transmit each piece of data SYMBOL device = 1 ; 1 = Sony TV - see PICAXE manuals SYMBOL IRoutpin = 0 ; define the pin for IR data DO FOR Txinfo = 0 to 8 ...
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    SoftStart-Stop With FRM050 Pwm Driver

    Hello all , I would like to ask a question about FRM050 PWM driver as used with L293D motor driver. Can FRM050 be programmed to create SoftStart/Stop? If it can a bit of code would be much appreciated. Thanks Brian
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    PWM Driver FRM050

    Hi all, I am thinking of making a strip board to drive Four , 12 Volt motors forward and reverse with Pwm on all motors. Q. Could I do it with, one ------ 20X2 -----two------FRM050-----and------two------L293D ? Q. Would a PWM programme look anything like this. It runs on the simulator. [ 'PWM...
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    what`s the difference L293d and L293dne

    Hello all, Is there a difference between L293d and L293dne? I`ve checked the data sheet and I am realy no wiser, does the "ne" relate to none functional things like packaging? or is "ne" more sinister, like no diode protection? I use L293d all the time on my Meccano models ,with no problems. I...
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    Help please.Inrafra-red Picaxe20x

    Hello all I first posted this request for help 01-10-2009.for PICAXE 18X (infrain). Quote "I am trying to create a programe, to use with infra-red , so that when I press the transmmiter(TV remote) button the output goes high ,and remains high ,so long as I keep the button pressed, and when I...
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    How do I contact the Administrator, with a request to change my username? please.
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    Help please.Softstart /Softstop

    Hello All I use Picaxe with my Meccano hobby, it`s alot of fun. Picaxe 18x High Power Board CHI035. I would like to use PWM with 18x but can`t change pin3 to 4,5,6,or7. If it`s possible, the code please. --------- I have made up SoftStart/Stop using pulsout and a analog Volt meter. I can change...