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    Pictures with MP3

    I am looking for a Picaxe solution where I can show a picture (around 400 x 800 pixels or better), on some sort of display (such as a digital picture frame), that would also play an MP3 file simultaneously. I.E., One MP3 file that would play for each picture that is shown. It would then cycle...
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    1 wire EEPROM

    I just found out that Dallas Maxim came out with a 20Kb 1-wire EEPROM <A href='' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a>. With the new &quot;X&quot; versions of the PICAXE, the OWIN command will make it a snap. It looks like all you need is one...
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    Two RETURNS with just one GOSUB

    I was experimenting with the gosub/return functions to see what happens when your code encounters another RETURN without it having first encountering another GOSUB command. Here is the code: sertxd(&quot;START&quot;,cr,lf) gosub FOO sertxd(&quot;STEP 2&quot;,cr,lf) FOO: sertxd(&quot;STEP...
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    PIcaxe with a USB Flash disk

    Just found this on the web and what I have &#8220;quickly&#8221; read into this is it can communicate via TTL ASCII code. Here is the unit: <A href=';prodCategoryID=54&amp;title=VDRIVE' Target=_Blank>External Web...
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    Poke variable changes on power down/up

    If you first run this code, you will get &#8220;b1 = 22&#8221; if b0 = 0 then poke 200, 22 endif peek 200, b1 sertxd(&quot;b1 = &quot;,#b1,cr,lf) Then disconnect the power for a second, and then apply back the power and you will get &#8220;b1 = 22&#8221; Now enter in this code and run it, and...
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    How to control a MCP23017 16 bit I/O Extender?

    Now that I can successfully control a PCF8574, does anyone know how to control the 16 I/O MCP23017 chip? I have a project that would need either 12 PCF8574, or just six MCP23017 ICs. But this chip allows you to operate it in a two bank mode, so it is not as straight forward as the PCF8574 is...
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    The PCF8574 to PCF8574 Blues

    I have successfully controlled a PCF8574A 8 bit I/O expander chip via i2c via a Picaxe in regards to its inputs and outputs. But when I try to send an output from one PCF8574A to an input to another PCF8574A it doesn&#8217;t seem to work. If I take one of the inputs and tie it directly to +5v...
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    if pinc0 = 1 then?

    How does one test to see if an input on portc is either high or low? Pinc0 is not acceptable, where pin0 is.
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    How does one use the DS1302 clock?

    I thought I ordered the I2C clock (DS1307) from the Canadian PICAXE distributor but received the DS1302 I/O instead (that&#8217;s all they sell). I see by some post that some have used this chip, but can not understand just how one connects to it. The data sheet shows not only do I connect to...
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    PCF8547AP not responding

    I have seen other post saying they can communicate with this 8-bit I/O expander I2C chip. But I seem not to be able to. All I want to do is just turn on all or one of the outputs. --------------------- i2cslave %01110000, i2cfast, i2cbyte writei2c 0,(%11111111)' turn on all pause 1000 writei2c...
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    Programming editor enhancement

    If it is possible, it would be great if after you do a VIEW+OPTIONS+MODE+FIRMWARE? request, not only would it show you the chip and version of software loaded on it as it does now), but it would then automatically switch the mode selection to that particular chip.
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    serin is truncating serout

    When I have this code; --------- loop: pause 250 serout 7,T2400,(&quot;What Number?&quot;,13,10) goto loop --------- It dispalys &quot;What Number? But with this code, --------------- loop: pause 250 serout 7,T2400,(&quot;What Number?&quot;,13,10) pause 250 serin 0,T2400,b5 goto loop...
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    What other IR remotes can work

    I am going to be using an IR project, but would like something more stylish than the SONY TV unit that you can buy for Picaxe. Does anyone have a make and modle that would work? I bought a Philips Universal remote, but it does not have the SIRC in its library, and I could not get it to learn...
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    Will infrain show a detection of a value greater than 17?

    If you send an infrared value of greater than 17, will the debug window show that value? The reason I ask is that I have a Sony Camcorder remote, and know that it does send out SIRC, but the buttons are all values above 17. So I do not know if my circuitry is performing right, or it just...
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    unknown variable i2cslow

    I have the following line in my code: i2cslave %10111000,i2cslow,i2cbyte it compiles fine with program editor, but gives me the error when I use Basic Chip Simulator. I have both setup for a 18X chip.