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    PICAXE 18M2 i2c to PCF8475A/HD44780 based 2x16 LCD Project

    Preamble: I've built a couple of the directly wired 18M2 to LCD controller boards that use the PICAXE BASIC code and it works fine: a great 1 wire solution! Nevertheless, I wanted to figure out how to use i2c to control one of those cheap 2x16 LCD's with the i2c piggy-back PCB. I looked...
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    Problem : Shell failed

    Hippy: You're welcome; I'm glad to assist and I agree with your evaluation. Best wishes, Dan
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    Problem : Shell failed

    Padon me, Hippy, not "Hippie". My bad.
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    Problem : Shell failed

    Hi, Hippie: As always, your insights are much appreciated. After reading your post and after verifying that trying to open the .../Downloads/MaxAXEpad "application" (hey, it's labeled as an "application" but it really is a directory) by double clicking it (or Finder Open) from Finder causes...
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    Problem : Shell failed

    Hi, Hippy! While I have a similar problem, it doesn't seem to be a problem with the AXE027 cable as I can start AXEPAD in my MAC PowerBook and use the terminal to verify that correct I/O is occurring with a PICAXE 08M2. Therefore the AXE027 drivers are making correctly. My take on this issue...
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    Using serrxd Under Linux Based Control

    Greetings: I'm working on a project to send commands to a PICAXE 18M2 MCU's serial I/O pin (serrxd) via a Linux based RS232 serial port. While redundant, the programming function is turned off using the 'disconnect' command earlier in the program. I'm able to receive data just fine, but...