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    "Improving" the AXE133 (OLED) Firmware ?

    Any pointers here? ....... Power Consumption AXE134Y 20*4OLED? | PICAXE Forum e
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    Surely a PICAXE could be shoehorned in somewhere

    Thanks. Looks like a "developable" project. Are there any more suggestions for interesting kits from the same site? I'm looking for indoor projects for the Winter. Say $100 - $200 total for the moment. e
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    08M2 Another LCD Clock

    Welcome to the Forum Pete. A very nice start to your Picaxe "career". e
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    Thank you John, for telling us all. e
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    how do i remove a post

    Which post please? e
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    IRIN Command Hangs Up

    First off John, Program and Circuit please. e
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    Water detect wire

    A "Blast from the past" e
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    Water detect wire

    @julianE 1. Can you please post your schematic and program? 2. There are MANY moisture / water detector postings on the Forum. Two of many things to consider are a. Using say stainless steel (dining fork tines) as disposable electrodes. b. Using Alternating Current and readadc. e
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    Ethernet Cable?

    Postscript. Openreach installed the new system yesterday. Download speed has increased from between 3 - 11 to between 15 -30. Upload speed has increased from ~0.6 to 10. Now the small matter of paying. : -) Thanks again for the help folks. e
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    Budget Serial MP3 Player Input Format...

    No more sarcasm please. This is primarily a Polite Forum e
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    Ethernet Cable?

    I've checked on the site mentioned by Buzby in post 11. There are no plans to roll out fibre to the area of town I live in. Therefore, I will have to pay for FTTP. Ho-Hum. e
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    Ethernet Cable?

    I'm with Plusnet and the cables are ancient. I'll need to upgrade to FFTP and have a new contract with BT. e
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    Ethernet Cable?

    If I want to upgrade, I'm stuck with paying BT for Fibre installation and a 2 year contract. Nothing else I can do. : -( Thanks for all the help folks. e
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    Ethernet Cable?

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    Auction - Steve Jobs job application from 1973

    In Britspeak, someone's having a laugh! e