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    EEPROM Issues

    Hi Everyone and thanks in advance. I am in the final stages of my RFID Reader based child time management system and i have run into a hitch. EEPROM!!!! I am using the Picaxe 20M2 for pinout i am using: C.0 - RFID Reader C.5, C.3 and C.2 for the two RGB LED's C.7 For the Relays and the I2C...
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    eeprom Questions

    Hi All, For some info before my question so you have a better understanding. I am connecting an RFID reader to a picaxe 20M2, I have successfully accomplished this and i am storing card numbers in eeprom, In my main program I include the writing to eeprom of these numbers but i am running out...
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    Use of the axe033y/axe033 RTC board on an axe134y

    I was wondering if it possible to use the serial/i2c LCD & clock module from the back of the Axe033 or Axe033y board for the axe134 20x4 OLED display because I need to use the clock chip and subsequently program it in i2c not serial. Thanks in advance