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    Programming Voltage Question

    Great. Thanks for prompt reply. i seem to be continually bouncing back and forth between 3.3v and 5v when interfacing sensors etc. The nice thing about Picaxe is that they are flexible with their operating voltage. Cheers.
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    Programming Voltage Question

    Hello. I was wondering if it is safe to program , for example, a 20M2 running at 3.3V using the axe 027 usb cable which i presume is at 5V ? i have been using level translators for I/O elsewhere. Do i need to translate the programming voltage down to 3.3v ? thanks
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    Manchester encoding ic

    I was wondering if the NKM4201 manchester encoding / decoding ic's could be used to increase the reliability of say an IR optical communications link. Any thoughts on this are welcome.
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    Is it possible to have 2 Axe 027 cables running on one PC

    Hello . I was wondering if i can use a 2nd Axe 027 cable on the same computer. I'am using Robot Basic on my PC to send and receive data to a picaxe 40x2. I would like to add a 2nd picaxe to my project. Would another com port be assigned to the 2nd Axe 027 cable or could a conflict arise...
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    Event driven email messages

    Hello. I would like to share a .VBS (Visual basic script) file that i found,which is basically a very compact way to send an email message when my picaxe detects an event. I have the following set up :door contact sensors , IR sensor , temp sensor (DS18b20),keypad, which are connected to a 40X2...
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    Better Terminal Window !!!

    I have come across a free windows based program designed for a line of digital I/O products in the U.S.A that can easily talk with picaxe controllers using serial comms. I have a 40x2 monitoring various sensors in my home and reporting their status to the "MODCOM" program. This program is...
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    Axe033 I2c Syntax

    Hello. i just got the axe033 lcd with clock option. Iam outputting text using the syntax provided in axe033 manual with no problems. How do i or what is the syntax to output numeric data or variables using I2C ? thanks