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    USB to Serial converter for programming picaxe

    I have usb to serial converter which i bought from way back. I tried just hooking up the RxD, TxD and ground to the chip and I cant seem to make Linaxe detect the 08M. Here is the things I done so far: I installed Linaxe on my eee900 default xandros and successfully programming...
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    Wanted: snubber circuit tutor :)

    What do I need to know to figure out what snubber circuit to use? Using solid state relay to turn on 220VAC incandecent bulb, another circuit for a with relay to turn on a fan 220VAC, another is a sump pump. Im trying to do a hydroponic style set up using picaxe to automate the outputs(fan...
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    Pic Logicator curiosity

    I'm teaching myself on how to program PICs now(after BS2 and lots of PICAXEs). I bought pickit2 starter kit and trying their lessons. The lessons expect me to know all the jargon and things about pics. I don't even know the file register thing. 1. Does free pic logicator from picaxe website...
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    Transistor driver confusion

    I found this on a nuts and volts magazine. The author writes that this driver will increase the range between the ir emitter and receiver. This supposedly increase the 25mA that the picaxe output pin can produce to about 73mA. The first command on my code "high 2" is for the transistor on the...
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    Troubleshooting Challenge

    Troubleshooting Challenge I got a set up here that I can't seem to see what is wrong. Scenario: I am trying to add a rapid fire for my xbox 360 controller using picaxe 08M. The xbox 360 controller works on 2x1.2 rechargeable battery. Im trying to rapidfire Left Button. The schematic as...