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    Thanks for all your posts and contributions.
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    Hippy status, rev 2.0

    Lets hope it recovers soon and Rev Eds business greatly improves. I am just returning to Picaxe after a long break and appreciate the updated software and hardware. Dennis
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    PCB Scope missing Position/Level control

    Hi Alan, I am located in the UK in Kent. Thanks for the tip I will make a few set up files and keep them safe. That logic analyzer you referenced is several levels above my ability to comprehend though, plus I dont want to plug anything new into my pc for a while ! The Womai...
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    PCB Scope missing Position/Level control

    Hi Alan, Sorry I should have mentioned that all the cursors on the scope screen seemed to work. The issue was just the offset adjustment for both channels and the trigger. Each reset level button had a cross on it and the sliders and up down arrow buttons were missing. Anyway some...
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    PCB Scope missing Position/Level control

    I cant see anything wrong on device manager so am wondering if there is anything else I should try before I give up ?
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    PCB Scope missing Position/Level control

    Well it works perfectly on my wifes laptop so good to know there is nothing wrong with the hardware. I dont know what to try next as repeatedly installing and uninstalling the software doesnt fix the problem. Presumably its some sort of weird Windows 10 issue. Its very strange that just...
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    PCB Scope missing Position/Level control

    Thanks for the file. It does switch between the oscilloscope, Datalogger and Logic Analyzer modes but still has the missing sliders. When I tried loading your TestSetup.dps file I got a windows pop up "cannot load set up file" as the grey heading and" Problem encountered at or after...
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    PCB Scope missing Position/Level control

    My DPScope SE scope was working perfectly until recently when all 3 (CH1,Ch2,Trig) the position /level adjustment sliders disappeared. I have tried several reboots, uninstalling and installing the software from RevEd and also tried the software on the DPScope site but all to no avail. Does...
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    OSC001 DPScope DC offset

    Hi Wolfgang, Thanks for the link thats really helpful as is the other information that it leads to. I am gradually getting used to the scope and its amazingly good. I wasnt expecting anything so comprehensive . The logic analyzer has been very useful as I experiment with a bipolar stepper...
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    OSC001 DPScope DC offset

    Hi Alan, The USB voltage was 5.03V and with some adjustments both channels are now just a few mV (both under 10 mV with inputs grounded on the 0.5V/div scale) so thats got that fixed. I seemed to have a lot of noise with the top to bottom spikes with a vertical sensitivity of 0.1V/div or...
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    OSC001 DPScope DC offset

    I have just installed the scope but seem to have some DC offsets. With CH1 shorted to the adjacent ground pin I get 392mV DC and with CH2 shorted 598mV. (open circuit , just the bare board nothing connected except the USB lead CH1 is 2.32V and CH2 1.97V). The schematic shows adjustable...
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    Traps for young players

    I am certainly excluded from the "young player" but have made many mistakes. The toughest was a simple breadboard error in offsetting a connect to the track and connecting to the parallel track next to it. There was enough capacitance between the two for the circuit to intermittently...
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    Programming Editor - Run without administration rights - from flash ?

    I have a new laptop with windows 7 provided by my employer. They now have a policy of not allowing employees to load their own software. This is a nuisance for people like me who travel for long periods as maybe I will have to buy, carry, and insure a second laptop for personal use. As...
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    Useful UK Supplier

    This company is worth a look for small orders. Very friendly and excellent pricing as I got a couple of LDO 3V (LP2950CZ3.0) regulators delivered for total of £2,50 I was unable to find these anywhere else at anywhere remotely near this price. Best Regards Dennis