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    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D all the best everyone for 2010
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    diy linear encoder

    hi all, i know it's been a while and rather than resurect a very old thread i thought i'd start a new one... :) for those who were interested to know what ended up happening i ended up installing the magnets on the milling...
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    Bread board - NAND Memory

    hi all, me ... again as some people here will know all too well if they have tried to get any NAND memory at a decent non-highway robbery price without meeting an MOQ it's almost easier to walk on water, so i'm interested to know how many people here would really like to be able to use the...
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    diy light pen

    hi all me again, i've had this thought in my mind for a while now does everyone remember the crt based light pen, aka gun? i want to build one for use as a pointing device on a laptop screen ironically to elminate the need for the touch pad which i hate passionatly as when go out anywhere...
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    i've found the perfect 28x2 application!!!!!!!

    since the release of the x2's i sure we've all been thinking long and hard about the applications for these things how about picaxe version of this ? :)
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    E Tag - Diy Reader Module

    i've recently aquired the need to read Etags (for those who are still living under a rock i mean the tagging devices that are in widespream use in practically every city bound car in australia) to be specific a friend of mine who is a service station owner is being hit hard by the never ending...
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    linear position sensing - capacitive

    hi all yep me again for another adventure into the land of the bonkers. I have my milling machine and currently have a pair of cordless drill motors attached,and currently i'm able to move it rapildy across from one limit to the other, my current trouble is linear position sensing,x 500mm, y...
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    unipolar stepper motor

    Hi all, recently i've managed to burnout a phase in one of these link$... i'm already getting another three on tuseday next week, for those who can't get the link working it's a 48 step unipolar stepper, rated for 12v and with enough curent can deliver upto 500g/cm worth of torque, depending...
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    MRF24J40MA 2.4ghz transciever

    in light of some of the recent discussion ragarding wireless modules their cheapness vs reliability vs range i'm curious to know if anyone has used/played with the MRF24J40MA module by microchip the datasheet claims 250kbps with a 400m range the module dimensions are 17.8mm X 27.9mm which is...
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    Bonnie the dog,bane of my existance

    ok recently i had to move house and my staffy (she's still a puppy) is relentles on barking and whining when behind a pool gate we use to keep a total of three dogs off the paved area (i'll post photos) the other problem we have is she is also very good at climbing this gate it's my inlaws...
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    soil moisture probes

    Hi All, i have the need to make a pair of soil moisture probes and use with a pic16f88(18x) and it's internal adc , it's to log moisture levels over time and also control a solenoid for irrigation has anyone else done it? and what did you use for probes in the soil?
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    only in Australia - laser pointers to be banned

    "It will soon be illegal to possess laser-pointers in NSW, in a bid to stamp out attacks on planes and cars. Police are promising to ‘get tough’ on laser pointers, in the wake of a string of attacks on planes - the latest on an air-ambulance over Sydney’s south. It's prompted the NSW...
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    open source modular pda (Picaxe Inside)

    i've been looking at pda's lately and looking that most of them realistically they don't seem to feature what i want not even the high end ones so in my own little world (my garage) i've thought of a "modular pda" concept, the idea consists of 1 chip eg a picaxe on an 8bit parallel bus +...
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    433mhz modules whats the furthest anyone has ever gotten?

    i've just had some fun with some 433mhz modules 1 transmitter and 1 reciever, using a 6 inch piece of wire as an ariel on both, all built on two breadboards,i managed to get 277m(900ft) acording to google earth. out of shear experience how far using what type/length ariels has anyone gotten...
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    usb scopes/logic anlysers

    Hi all, it's been a while since i've started a controversial thread so here goes i need to get myself a scope and i'm considering three of my options 1, look on ebay and pay next to nothing for a used scope and probably find it's completely un suitable for what i need 2, usb scope...