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    Increase Outputs with Second Picaxe

    Being a bit thick regarding micro processors, I have struggled on several occasions with serial data. There seem to be all sorts of issues regarding N/T, clock speeds /baud rate changing for different functions etc. As I usually only need a small range of set speeds (eg 8), I recently gave up...
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    Ebike problems

    "Dead man's handle" has only really existed with diesel & electric traction. With a steam loco there would be a driver/engineer & a fireman, both of whom would be looking at the signals & track ahead. In the UK, the dead man's handle has gradually been replaced by the driver's vigilance device...
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    Programming best practice - decision based on many input variables

    Hippy has done a great job & is on the right track. Something which may help here is the definition of a "route"? It can mean the entire journey for a train but it can also mean "signal to signal" or "movement authority" (with virtual signals). The signals (real or virtual) should be placed at...
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    Programming best practice - decision based on many input variables

    As usual, I strongly suggest you follow Hippy's advice. With 50-100 routes you will not do this on a Picaxe as you will run out of I/O even if you can process the data. As a minimum you will need a number of 40X2's linked by serial data. As already stated, you do need to work out what is...
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    Timer problem - advise?

    There is a feature that is half way there "add basic command sequence"? You can insert a block of basic code & write your flowchart around that.
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    Timer problem - advise?

    A useful feature of PE6 is the "convert" button when using the Logicator method for programming. This converts your flowchart into basic which can help with understanding. Works for me!
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    ADC INPUT - DAC OUTPUT how can I smooth out the 32 steps.

    My tuppence worth: What if you were to "bitbang" PWM on pin 13? You could then go to some intermediate speed(s) if the ADC input increases or decreases? It would probably mean limiting the acceleration/deceleration to keep them constant. Haven't thought too much about the code yet but it is...
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    I feel like a fraud!

    That quote would be perfect on my headstone! You are most definitely not alone & I have an HNC in electronics. Holy/magic smoke is a fault finding aid. Tip - use a kitchen smoke detector in the workshop, they are less sensitive! As for the Starship X-582 - we all need one of those? If everyone...
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    PWM problem on a simple programme - relative beginner

    Yes, 65kHz is quite high. I guess this is to avoid the annoying whine that gets generated by the motor. 30kHz is adequate, as it is well above what the human ear can detect. Many even say 30kHz is too high. The PE6 "PWM wizard" is pretty good for working out duty cycles etc. I have fitted a...
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    PICAXE Forum Maintenance/Upgrade

    I can post "arduino" - so yes, we have no profanity filter? ;)
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    18m2 Trying to make a Axle counter help?

    This might work (seems to simulate OK)? Attached is screenshot of flowchart. Below is automated messy translation to basic. Start loop reads input C.0 and increments varA (upper limit of 6) Start1 loop reads input C.1 and decreases varA (lower limit of 0) Start3 loop sets output B.7 if varA=0...
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    Accurate powerline frequency meter.

    Somewhat off topic - but fun? Photo is our local power station, which is almost completely original 1930's installation. The two precision clocks in the case on the wall are the way to check if frequency is fast or slow. One is electric & the other is pendulum. I suspect, from the dials, that...
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    PE Flowchart multi-task problem?

    It's probably me, but here goes: Using 08M2 with AXE021 Proto Board. Two loops 'Main' & 'Start1'. When trying to simulate the flowchart, I get the following error message: "Syntax error on line 80 at/before position 5 - Error: setfreq not allowed in multi task program". I guess the setfreq is...
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    AXE 021 08 proto board with extra LEDs

    Here are photos of two different AXE021 boards with a darlington driver chip on board. There is space. One has a ULN2803 with 4 legs bent up, the other has a ULN2003 with 2 legs shorted to 0v. As discussed in earlier posts, this might be bad practice - but it works for a one off hobby project? I...