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    HopeRF modules Serial radio 40X2 to 40X2 remote control assistance required

    I having some trouble getting my 40X2 chips to talk to each other. I have 2 joysticks and a latching switch on the transmitter chip as well as the transmitter enable and the serial out to the transmitter module (see the attached PDF). I have a saber-tooth 2 x 32 Amp Dual H bridge as well as...
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    Debug waiting for data why?!!!

    Im trying to send variables from one 40X2 to another using HOPERF 433mhz TR ttl level transceivers. Ive tried using both serout/serin code and rfout/rfin code. Ive tried with and without a qualifier Ive tried putting a pause 100 after each transmission and then in turn tried putting the receiver...
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    PICAXE to SABERTOOTH 2 x 32A Has anyone used them?

    I've got hold of a sabertooth 2x32A dual H bridge. I want to use it on a remotely controlled robot, I have built and tested the wireless comms, so I'm not using an RC model remote control system. It can be controlled using servo inputs so the servo/ servopos command will work but I would like...
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    Pan and tilt problem solving with seros

    I intend using a pan and tilt project with my students next year but I want to just make sure I won't have any unforseen issues. I had a major one this year with a different project so I thought I would throw it to the forum to pick at. Project: A pan and tilt style mechanism with an analogue...
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    voltage divider with and LED

    Im trying to reduce 6 volts to 5 volts using a voltage bridge, l Im using a 1k on the high side and a 5k on the low side to give me 5 volts, no problem. That powers my chip nicely. What I need to find out is; if I add an LED and a 330 ohm resistor...
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    waterproof srf005 ultrasonic sensor

    I would like to replace the ultrasonic tranducer the SRF005 module with waterproof units These units have a sealed front that will allow me to mount it at the front of a car in all weather at bumper level. ( powered by a seperate supply and...
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    2 for 1 outputs?

    Im having a mental currently trying to build a solid state circuit that works like a change over relay but my brain is having a bad day. I would like to use one output to control my H bridge. I have a PWM on the low side of the H bridge. The H bridge has 2 controlling inputs ( forward and...
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    Fuel injection controller

    I have often thought about using a PICAXE 40X2 to drive a fuel injection systme on a Briggs and Stratton 3.5 HP stationary engine, just to prove it can be done. I couldn't do much without a motor so the project was left to gather dust. Yesterday a motor arrived. Now to tinker. Has anyone done...
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    40X1 debug, where are the other pins?

    I am debugging a 40X1 project and using most of the portC pins, they don't come up on the debug, I would like to be able to use the portC digital inputs on the simulator. The extra ADC pins are not coming up either. I have the most current editor and the download circuit is soild. I checked with...
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    PICAXE powered automative hazard avoidance system idea

    Now that I have your attention. Relating to an earlier thread that started with noise suppression... I do appreciate the fact that there are people on this forum who give a damn about the welfare of others and will let them make mistakes but not hurt themselves, not like discovery learning with...
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    Servos optocouplers and milliseconds

    Playing with RC servos again/still, did a search of the forum, all 12 pages that came up( "servo"), time to ask. I am running 5 servos off a 40X1 PICAXE and they don't play well together. Basically when I turn a 10K pot the servo will turn, all the maths is good and it works perfectly when I...
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    "Easy" PWM driver for H bridge MOSFET motor control ( BIG )

    Can I ask Hippy, Dippy etc to have a look at the HIP 4081 MOSFET H bridge driver chip. It appears to be a really easy (relatively simple) way to wire up a 24 volt 20 amp( with enough MOSFETS in parallel) motor with forward and reverse direction control, of them would allow a serious skid steered...
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    Have a look at this MOSFET circuit and comment

    I need someone who knows, to have a look at this because I want it to work and its affecting my logic. I am using four of the same MOSFETs to drive a motor in an H bridge, the MOSFETS are driven of an L293D. Most tell me that I should use two P type and two N type but according to others, that...
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    windows 7 and the axe027 cable... help

    Just got a new box and it runs windows 7, how do i load a driver for the Axe027,I've tried to load the axe027 folder but to no avail
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    40X2 doesn't like PORTC command

    I need to configure the 40X2 leg 26 ( portC 7) to an output and turn it on and off. high portc 7 Yet when I use the syntax test I get reminded: Error: 'high portc' command not supported in this mode! I tried to use an output command ( as per the let dirsC command information) Can I seperate...