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    question re i2c theory and operation

    Guys, I have a picaxe 40x2 and an Arduino Mega operating together over i2c. I am migrating this particular project from my 40x2 to the Arduino platform. Doing this in a staged approach - i made the Arduino the master of the i2c bus and the picaxe slave. I have "passed" control of the DS1307...
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    PWM remote control of LED lights

    Guys, I am looking at putting a number of strings of 12v LED lights throughout our house. The ones i have tested with up until now have been controller by a RF Remote PWM box - however each box is only rated to 8AMPs at 12V As i intend to have 6 strings of the LEDS in a number of rooms (each...
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    averaging readings after making sure they are "sensible"

    Guys, I have a Picaxe 40x1 that i wish to use to display a fuel level in my car. I have a 10-180ohms sender that i have hooked in and running and can get sensible values back into the picaxe I have a routine from another project (heating control for my house) that takes a reading once per...
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    How to interface (physically) a car fuel sender

    Guys, I am moving along with my conversion project on my holden suburban and have just received my fuel gauge sender from the US. It is a variable resistor type with a range from 10-180 ohms. I have a Kiwi path board with 20m. The sender has two terminals - an earth and the variable output...
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    This may be useful for remote support

    Guys, We use this free app with a lot of our computer customers to take remote control of their systems for diagnosis and fault rectification. It is cross platform - some of the older heads may like to add this to their arsenal rather than go backwards are forwards 27 times over the phone or...
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    Newbie on Stepper motors needs help

    Guys, I have never wired up a stepper motor before, so am getting a little lost. What i have is a Peter Anderson supplied Kiwi Patch board with a 20m. All good - i can program that and talk to it etc. I then have a SN754410 which is a higher current drop in (apparently) for the L293D. Spec...
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    measuring oil pressure with a picaxe

    Guys, I run my car on WVO and am looking for a sensor i can directly interface to the picaxe for measuring the fuel pressure (waste vegetable oil) - this is to allow me to see when the fuel filter is starting to clog and putting too much back pressure on the fuel pump. The pressure is in the...
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    What would the brains trust recommend ?

    Guys, I am in the process of deploying a diesel generator - based on the venerable Lister engines. The engine will operate in the 850rpm range. I would like to be able to monitor the speed of rotation of the flywheel with a picaxe. I do not believe mounting anything (mechanical) onto the...
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    Can i do this - and can i pay someone to build it ?

    Guys, I am in the process of setting up a Diesel Generator that is running on Waste Veggie Oil (WVO). The sweet spot for output of this unit is 4KW. - Single Phase - 240V - 50hz. I have just ordered a grid tie Solar system that will output 2Kw to the grid (we get Gross metering in NSW at 60c...
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    How to measure AC current flow

    Guys, I am implementing a generator at home that will be used to provide general base load power generation whilst running on waste vegetable Oil (WVO). The system will be interfaced into our main ciruit board (and yes i have a fully qualified electrican involved for all the 240v wiring)...
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    Suggestions for Veggie Oil Level monitor ??

    Guys, I run my car on Waste Vegetable oil and will soon be putting a 2nd tank (old glass lined water heater) under my car. I intend to use a picaxe to monitor temperature at various critical points (probably using DS18B20). I would like to build a Oil level gauge to give me some indicative...
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    Drop in replacement for 7805 for 12V input

    Guys, I want to use the 40x project board in a car application - what would i use as a drop in replacement for the 7805 it is setup for to enable this board to run off the (nominal) 12V car voltages ? regards Craig
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    Can i share +ve and GND for multiple DS18B20 ?

    Guys, I have a CAT5 cable run of about 70 metres (stupidly only pulled one when we did it and now no more access) I currently have 2 x DS18B20's running fine from a 40x1. I want to exapnd this to 3 My thought was to use two of the lines (or even two pairs) for +ve and GND and use the other...
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    Can i use an LDR to detect presence of a flame

    Guys, I have an oil burner (based on a babington ball design) that i wish to start automating. Basically the burner will occasionally go out (for any number of reasons), whihc has no effect other than that the oil pump continues to run for no good reason. Stage 1 of my project is to try and...
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    working out when mains power is active

    Guys, We use Off peak electric here for our hot water. I want to know when the power comes on and goes off and use it to cycle a pump on and off on a timed basis. I already have a 40x with RTC and 24LC256 up and running and have a 240v relay through an opto isolator board. All works fine. I...