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    Bike llight regulator

    Well, it's taken a little while coming but since I said I'd share to the others that have kindly helped me with my little project, here it is. Constructive criticisms will be very much appreciated but please go gently on me since it's my first attempt at anything like this. Basically what I've...
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    I want to do the following maths result = b0 / b1 * 1000 b0 or b1 can be any value between 0 and 255 (except b0 = 0) and I only need the integer part of the result. e.g. b0 = 143, b1 = 215 => 143 / 215 * 1000 = 665.115 So I want 665. Since I've not been playing with picaxes too long I...
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    Bike light regulator

    Hi all Finally; I've found some time to sit down and convert the theory to practice with regard to my pwm bike light regulator project. I'm making some good head way but need the info re for the poke command to slow down the clock so I can reduce the pwm frequency. Unfortunately the relevent...
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    PWM bike lamp regulator

    Can anyone help me with some coding? I want to power a 12v halogen bulb from a 14.8v li-ion battery pack and regulate the supply voltage using pwm. Amongst other things my aim is to flatten out the battery discharge curve to provide a longer run time. For the sake of simplicity assume that...