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    Infrared reflection level measurement

    I want to have two IR LED's, one emitting IR, the other receiving any reflective IR and measure level. If I use Irout, modulated to minimise ambient light on the TX device , and use Irin on the RX device to catch back any reflection, then how can I sense level changes of IR coming back. In...
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    Satellite Dish actuator/mounting and controller

    Has anyone experience on actuating a Satellite dish to cover several Satellites. I have a ground fixed pole mounted motorized dish. Unfortunately it has to be removed due to trees being felled nearby. I want to reinstall it afterwards, but as the trees have been causing subsidence, there is a...
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    Construction Raw Materials

    Always a problem to find raw materials when building projects. I have just used some of this material for a panel to mount infrared illuminators on to go inside an external floodlight box to work as CCTV camera illumination. I used 3mm stock. It was rigid to use as well as so easy to cut, just...
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    AXE024 servo board for Model Tank turret rotation - help please

    Thanks Hemi345, I ended up drilling out these Meccano cranks. Being of brass they drill easily. Only problem is they deserve a drill stand, and care not to loosen the brass part from the plate. Another part was costing £6 which I dropped...
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    Multiple Tones with vibrato

    I have a project on a childs toy guitar. It has 5 buttons on the fret part that did play noises. I am trying to find how to make something thats not just a horrible beep. Has to make more than 1 noise at a time, something with vibrato. I admit jumping to a 555 but that only produced clicks or a...
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    Uln2003 output

    Thanks again, yes I am in the UK. I am trying to use the UDN2981 to feed one side of a relay, with the other side of the relay connected to ground. The attached shows what I am trying to do, but from a Picaxe, and the opposite end going to ground and not +5 volts (circuit shows 12v, but I am...
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    Uln2003 output

    Can the output of a ULN2003 sink to ground? Trying to get a positive output from it to drive a relay between it and ground. Picaxe being fed into the ULN2003. Thanks
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    Anybody tried this PCB toner transfer sheet?

    Anybody tried this, seems cheap? Lots of other goodies on their site
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    Extending Irout over distance

    I have a remote control unit (RevEd product) which works well with a Picaxe board with Irin. However I am trying to see what I would need to extend this over many feet, ie what would I need to bridge the gap using cable. Would I need to make another receiver (to accept output from my RevEd...
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    Making input pins output

    I have a Picaxe 20M2 where I fitted pullup 10k resistors to some pins as I wanted to use them as inputs. However I now want to use them as outputs. My question is do I have to remove the resistors. Thanks
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    Diptrace Problem

    I am trying to do a PCB design for a Picaxe project, however I seem to be getting unwanted objects on my artwork. Some were crosses, which I got rid of by not showing the component outline reference, a pain because I had to right click on so many resistors to hide their outline references. My...
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    Picaxe to use bed sensor mat

    I have aquired a bed pressure mat, which I want to use with a Picaxe as an alarm when someone leaves the bed at night. The company who sold it are not interested in telling me how it is wired, as it is not being used with one of their monitors. The matt is made in China by a company called THF...
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    Circuit not working

    Many thanks everyone, now that explains the problems. I was following this circuit for the hall switch, and as I did not want an LED shown, I did not realise I was omitting a method of pullup. Added with other bits pointed outnow sorted out. I have learnt something as well as looking for...
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    Circuit not working

    There will be a Picaxe in this, but this circuit worked on breadboard but now making a neater job it does not work. Really desperate to get working as for an elderly relative who gets off his chair without the carer seeing. It has a hall effect switch which when a magnet moves away is triggering...
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    ADC low battery alarm

    I'm not near my PC to try, but do I have to establish a fixed reference voltage with a Picaxe being used for a low battery alarm, or can I just use ADC values. Thanks