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    AEG Washing Machine Controller

    Here is the OLED driver code and a pic of the back.
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    AEG Washing Machine Controller

    hi Fernando, still getting up to speed with this forum. I see only 2 pics (attachments) per post allowed. Here is the pixaxe board...I used the CHI030 Darlington driver board which worked a treat. Using 5V relays in banks of four. I had to ensure that I had a big enough 5V supply as with...
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    AEG Washing Machine Controller

    Put this in my blog but not sure how much eye traffic moves through there... :) This old AEG had a sticky rotary, multi contact controller which was just too expensive to replace and anyway I always wanted to make my first micro project all about taking on this washing machine. I never liked...
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    AEG Washing Machine Control

    Replaced the mechanical rotary timing switch with an 18m2 and a bunch of relays.