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    In Circuit Emulation

    "revolution' the PICAXE Newsletter Q1 2009, under the heading PICAXE GETS ICE, advises this feature is now available through the "connect' menu within the Simulate menu. However, the latest version 5.2.6 of Programming Editor continues to advise this feature is not yet available with this...
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    VSM simulation variables

    When using simulation in PE the generic tab allows optional values to be assigned to variables to verify if...then statements. How can the same task be performed in VSM simulation? Variables types can be altered, binary, hex etc but there appears to be no way of assigning specific values to...
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    VSM 1.0.4 Update

    My annual subscription has just expired. From where can I purchase the reduced rate renewal ? Tech Supplies offer a full version purchase on their web site but I can't see any reference to a renewal cost. Need some guidance here please
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    Patch 552 install problems

    Downloaded and unzipped this patch. The Programming Editor - InstallShield Wizard commences to run, with welcome ... Computing space requirements, but jumps to message Programming Editor Installer. Error 1327. Invalid Drive F:/ Can't understand this error as F drive not fitted Tried the...
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    28X1 Pinouts

    The 28X1 pinouts shown in the new manual 1 at page 8 and again at page 28 are idential but on page 31 a different set are shown. Could someone explain why this difference and what the black figures within the chip outline on page 28 represent. Thanks
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    Data Shift Out

    In searching the forum for faster shift out code I came across Hippy's posted suggestion on 26.10.2005. I reads ...................................................................................................... 'Untested; fastest way to clock 8 bits out msb first (removing the FOR-NEXT...
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    4026 IC Problem

    Would appreciate help with the attached circuit which was put together as a learning experience. The 4026 seems to be connected as per specification, with outputs A to G forced high on start up to turn off the common anode display. However, output G hangs low with the g element in the display...
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    Carriage Returns

    When typing notes onto a VSM project sheet, how can a carriage return be invoked to produce following lines of text? There appears to be nil assistance on this point in the manuals or the archives.
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    Simulation Panel

    My programme uses a number of 'if ..then' statements using the variable b1. Simulation runs ok with what appears to be the default b1 value of 0. I can pause the simulation and by double clicking on the b1 variable in the simulation panel change its value. However, when continuing the simulation...
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    7Segment Display

    A 7 segment display in a trial circuit has the schematic model MODFILE=7SEGCOMA but no packaging, which I suspect means it has no pcb footprint. The ISIS tutorial advised this can be developed using the Visual Packaging Tool and checking the 'Use ARES Libraries' button to select a suitable...
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    Update Patch

    The readme.txt in the v1.0.2 patch suggests putting the accompanying files into the Program Files\Revolution Education\Picaxe VSM\Models folder. I have a licenced version but it does not appear to have the Models folder. From where do I obtain this missing folder?
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    Web address

    In searching earlier posts for assistance on tachos I came across RexLan's reference to his site address. It read <A href=' ' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a>. Inserting that portion between the 's, or the full reference, into the IE6 address line results in...
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    Importing Component Models

    Happy New Year to all. There's not much activity on this forum and I wonder how many have taken up the VSM product. Sufficient I hope to help with this post. I would like component symbols for tricolour LEDs, both three and four lead, for schematics, simulation and animation. The library...
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    .wav & .bas music files

    The Programme Editor Music sub folder contains tunes ending in these extensions. How does one insert either of these into an 08M programme using the Tune Wizard? It just rejects Paste Basic with a "Error opening file" response. The .bas files can be opened as a new programme and the tune...
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    Landscape printing

    Not able to have programme editor print out in landscape format, always seems to default to portrait even though printer is set up for the wider printing. Can anybody assist please?