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    PICAXE 20M2 programming baud rate

    Are you using PE5 or PE6 ?. PE6 has a nice checking thing that proves the PC and cable. If that works, then you know the programming system is OK, so the fault is on the board. See here for details :
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    Electronics - help needed please

    This is one I always use. It says Stamp, but a Picaxe ( or any micro ) will do. Cheers, Buzby
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    Strobing LED RGB PWM controlled outputs

    Well, I didn't heed my own advice. I've coded the device, but not built it !. As it turns out, the code for driving the LEDs is quite simple, but how to adjust all the settings in real-time took a bit more effort. I decided to use two rotary encoders. One encoder selects the setting and the...
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    Shaving microseconds, ideas needed.

    This is where two heads are better than one !. The 'READ' method is a good way to solve this problem, and will really come into it's own a bit later in the prog, where I need to lookup a non-mathematically-related result. Thanks, Buzby
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    Shaving microseconds, ideas needed.

    Err, no !. It's me missing the b****** obvious !. That's what comes of overthinking a problem at 1am, after a tough day at work, a four hour drive home, and a couple of single malts. Cheers, Buzby
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    Shaving microseconds, ideas needed.

    Hi All, Some of you have an avid interest in the execution speed of Picaxe instructions, so you may know the answer already. I need to shave every last microsecond off the execution time of a routine which has the following requirement. The 'lookup' instruction is slow, but is it slower than...
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    Hooray for privacy !

    Good Picaxe site, no trackers here.
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    PICAXE Editor v6.9

    Are you thinking of the educational compiler for A-Level students ?. ( ) This is not a 'real' assembler, it is limited to a subset of instructions, and you can't access the underlying PIC registers or memory areas. However, it does...
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    PE6 freezing

    Hi Chris, As Aries says, it's not the code that freezes PE6, it's more likely due to your simulation speed setting. On my Win 10 laptop, if I set the slider to 100mS or less, PE6 goes very unresponsive. Sometimes the code is still running, and the variables in the Code Explorer pane update...
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    LC Display Dig 2R a 2 x 4digit 7segment Display

    I2C is not just two wires, it's a protocol. A telephone is two wires, but if you don't speak the same language as the person on the other end you can't communicate. Same with I2C and SPI, they are different languages.
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    Cant view the picaxe manuals/website

    Welcome to the forum ! ( Only just noticed you are new, and from Wales :) )
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    Cant view the picaxe manuals/website

    22:38 UK time, still not working.
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    Error: Loop without do

    'Loop' is a reserved word, and it needs a corresponding 'Do' to work. Simplest solution is rename the two occurences of 'Loop' to 'Myloop', Or replace the first with 'Do', and change delete 'goto' to make just 'Loop'. See page 62 in Manual 2 for explanation of 'Do .. Loop'. Also, the website...
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    eeprom wear and tear

    Nope !. It's writing that does the damage, reading is harmless. Cheers, Buzby
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    Variable question

    Nearly a year ago, and I can't remember if I posted this code already. It's my Mancala playing programme. It runs OK in the simulator, and is very fast on a real chip. ( If running in the simulator, make the terminal window bigger, and un-tick the 'Add cr/lf' serial option. ) Might be of some...