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    Picaxe start speed

    Hi, I've just put two picaxes (08M) on the same circuit and running the same program (2 lights flashing) and I have noticed that the starting speed is different for each of them. They never start at the same time. Why is this?
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    Infrared with Java or VB.Net

    Hi, Is it possible to communicate via infrared from a computer to a picaxe chip? The manual doesn't say anything about it, using only tv remotes and other pixaxes as examples of transmitters. If it is possible, how would I go about doing this in Java or VB.Net (with a USB infrared port)? Thanks
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    Interfacing with another Picaxe

    If I want to connect two picaxe chips together, do I need any resistors or anything like what is required to connect to the computer, or do I just need 1 wire (only send) and the same ground for both of them?
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    Serial Interface

    Hi. I want to make the serial interface in picaxe_manual3.pdf, page 43 (the top circuit). Could someone tell me how many watts the resistors should be rated at? My options are .6 Watts and 1 Watt
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    Distance sensor

    Hi, I've just bought a Picaxe 08M. While I was buying this, I asked for a sensor for finding distance. They gave me this (and a receiver which looks the same): They told me there were instructions on the picaxe website on how to set these up...