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    Is using Bluetooth a problem?

    Hi micrometal This is code i used to control a robot car from my phone using bluetooth via a HC-06 and roboremo App. B12 is the data block identifier, b13 is a null byte b14,15and 16 are the data bytes in ascii format. In most cases I only required the identifier byte as most functions of the...
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    Extended time delay

    This will give you a delay of approximate 60 min at 4mHz, the pause can be changed for other values of mHz For w1 = 1 to 3600 pause 1000 next w1 Bill
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    My Old-School Distraction

    This was my first attempt at programming back in the early 80s, I stall have my 6802 D3 Kit Bill
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    SK6812RGBW (Smart RGBW LEDs) and Picaxe 14M2

    Hi Mark I have used the WA2812 LEDS for my Christmas lights. The picaxe chips will not address these leds, I Used the PIC32MX*** chips for this project. Got to the backshed forum for infomation on programming these LEDs. Bill
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    Picaxe 08 ^ 433MHz Tx Rx

    Hi Stephen This is my current version of my bot with pan and tilt control of the camera. The comms are Blutooth, so the code would not be suitable for you. You can send a private message by selecting the envalope at the top of the page. This is for sending address or email address which you do...
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    Picaxe 08 ^ 433MHz Tx Rx

    Hi Stephen This is the code for the TX and TX I used on my robot car. The receiver controls a Relay and a servo to pan the camera. The tx uses a joystick to control the servo and buttons for the relay ON / OFF. The joystick input is a 10k pot. The AXE213 fitted with TX and RX modules are...
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    Picaxe 08 ^ 433MHz Tx Rx

    Hi Stephen I have used the picaxe AXE213 encoder modules for reliable communications between picaxe. These encoders take of the preamble and CRC resulting in reliable comms. You only need to send and receive serial data to the AXE213. this is the transmitter for my robot car (not used now...
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    Ebike problems

    checkout this picaxe project Bill
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Australia. All are picaxe powered. Bill
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    12v motor switching advice

    Hi Do you require direction and speed control? I have used this module from Banggood to control 3Amp motors up to 30V Bill
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    OK how does it work and can a Picaxe do it?

    Hi all. I have constructed the unit described be techElder. here is the 14m2 program I used. One addition I made to the circuit was to add a 1f super capacitor to the circuit. This allowed the operator to remove the battery and the lights and switched still worked up to 15 min with no...
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    Bluetooth electronics App

    Hi This is a sample of the code I have used to control a robot using HC 06. The Bluetooth app I am using is roboremo. each button is assigned a LETTER ie A - I and a slider for speed control With ID "r". The output range set to 0 to 255, The HC 06 sends the slider data in 5 bytes - ID, space...
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    Can I control the brightness of 2 or more LED's with PWM?

    Hippy For w0 = MIN_LEVEL To MAX_LEVEL Step 1 PwmDuty C.0, w1 Pause STEP_PERIOD Next should this be For w0 = MIN_LEVEL To MAX_LEVEL Step 1 PwmDuty C.0, w0 Pause STEP_PERIOD Next Bill
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    resistor help

    What is the Wattage of the LED? i.e 1 watt, 3watt or 10watt etc. Bill
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    IRIN and PWM for dimming the LED

    This program will control the three colours of a rgb LED using a 14M2 Remote keys 2, 5 and 8 will increase the brightness while keys 3, 6 and 9 will decrease brightness of the each colour. 0 will turn of all colours. Maximum brightness can be set to suit the type of rgb led used. 'program to...