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    Bluetooth electronics App

    Hi This is a sample of the code I have used to control a robot using HC 06. The Bluetooth app I am using is roboremo. each button is assigned a LETTER ie A - I and a slider for speed control With ID "r". The output range set to 0 to 255, The HC 06 sends the slider data in 5 bytes - ID, space...
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    Can I control the brightness of 2 or more LED's with PWM?

    Hippy For w0 = MIN_LEVEL To MAX_LEVEL Step 1 PwmDuty C.0, w1 Pause STEP_PERIOD Next should this be For w0 = MIN_LEVEL To MAX_LEVEL Step 1 PwmDuty C.0, w0 Pause STEP_PERIOD Next Bill
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    resistor help

    What is the Wattage of the LED? i.e 1 watt, 3watt or 10watt etc. Bill
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    IRIN and PWM for dimming the LED

    This program will control the three colours of a rgb LED using a 14M2 Remote keys 2, 5 and 8 will increase the brightness while keys 3, 6 and 9 will decrease brightness of the each colour. 0 will turn of all colours. Maximum brightness can be set to suit the type of rgb led used. 'program to...
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    Christmas Lights 2018

    Hi Phil I use these level translators to convert the 3.3v to 5v for the WS2812 strip. They may work ok at 12v. If you want information on using the pic32nx170 and...
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    Christmas Lights 2018

    Hi RNovember A total for 27 picaxe chips and 15 pic32MX*** used in the carnival This is a sample of the drive logic for the Drone.
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    Christmas Lights 2018

    I am a bit late posting this. Happy new year to all picaxes. This is my display for Christmas 2018 Most of the carnival is powered by multiple picaxe chips ranging from 08ms to 28x2s powering motors, servos and LED lights. Several displays I had to use PIC32MX170s and 470s were picaxe could...
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    APA102 ... what is it ? find nothing in the store ... RGB LED light strips ...40X2 ???

    Circuit for connecting apa102 LEDs to a 28X2. Bill
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    how control cr servo with pwm?

    Hi Jims I had similar problem with the IR and servo conflict, I used the pulse out command to control the servo. The values for left centre and right are listed for 8Meg frequency, you may need to experiment to determine the values required for you application. Symbol SERVO3_Left = 150...
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    Water Tank Level Meter - Reinventing the Wheel???

    Hi All I used a differential pressure transducer on the outlet pipe of my 4500 lt tank. The transducer was from Jaycar Electronics. I only used a bar graph to display the level. This code is 0ver 8 years old and used a picaxe 18x 'program Water Tank Level indication 'picaxe 18x '7th...
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    Pixel Grid converted to APA102 style RGB strip

    This is a 64 * 32 RGB LED display I have used. They are 320 * 160mm and priced at AU $50 from ebay. I do not think a picaxe will drive these displays, I used a PIC32MX470 to drive it. Bill
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    I need some RGB Ideas

    I have connected two 60 apa102 RGB strips in parallel in one of my Christmas displays. All worked OK Bill
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    erco-laser range finder

    Hi erco is this the manual you require. Bill
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    This 9v lipo has a USB charging socket built in. Available from banggood for $au11.00 Bill
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    Christmas Lights 2016

    The 'N' fell off and was replaced in hast at night. It has been corrected. Bill