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    MACROs with AXEPad

    Good Evening. I'm trying to use macros with AXEPad V1.5.1 on Linux and the following simple construct: #MACRO test #ENDMACRO results in the message "Error: syntax error". Can anyone explain why this is happening??
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    Axepad tabs and other editing features

    Good Evening, I'm using Axepad 1.5.1 on Xubuntu 14.04 and I can't get it to do tabs properly. I'd like it to use "proper" tabs instead of spaces so my comments line up but can't find out how. Also, 'shift+end' doesn't highlight from the cursor to the end of the line. 'shift+home' doesn't...
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    Using a XL24C16 I2C EEPROM with a 28X2

    Good Evening All, I'm trying to use the XL24C16 16,384 bit (2048 x 8) EEPROM with a 28X2. This device ignores the address pins (must be tied low regardless) so it is the only one on the board. According to the data sheet, the first four bits of the address must be %1010, the next three...
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    PE6 frustration

    I've only just started to use this software and so far so good. There is one annoyance that I can't get rid of; when I start the program, the last programs I had open are restored but the @#$%ing PE6_Logicator.pdf keeps loading. How do I stop this happening??