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    Serial input over download cable (08/08M)

    If somebody wants to control a Picaxe 08 over the download pin it can be done as follows. If you just want to sent a command serin 5,N2400,("CMD") ' "CMD" can be of any length If you want to pass variables serin 5,N2400,("1234"),b8 ' "1234" must have not less than 4 chars It seems...
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    Serin erroneous behavior in 08/08M

    Hi all, I just wrote a program for a serial stepper controller. The software worked fine as it was receiving commands from the terminal and executing the steps. the serin command used was: serin 5,N2400,("stp1"),b7,b8,b9 As I developed the C# software the controller started losing some...