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    40X2 Pulsout not working correctly

    Have you tried your original setup with a different 40X2? I have (only once) had a similar problem with a 20M2 - sending serial data out on one pin caused an adjacent pin to "flicker". Changing the 20M2 for another one solved the problem, so I decided it was a faulty chip.
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    Optocoupler for PC PSU's 5V line to Picaxe input pin?

    I have always used KB814s, except for a brief period when they became difficult to find.
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    Equivalent PIC´S and Picaxe

    If you look here on the Picaxe store website, you can see the chip numbers which correspond to the Picaxe chips. If you also look here on the Picaxe forum...
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    From serin to hexadecimal

    I see what is happening. You are receiving ASCII representations of your values (i.e. to be interpreted as characters rather than numbers). What you need is to convert them back to numbers first, then do the arithmetic: b0 = b0 - "0" if b0 > 9 then b0 = b0 + "0" - "A" + 10 endif b1 = b1 -...
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    From serin to hexadecimal

    Numbers are just numbers: in principle it does not matter whether you handle them as binary, decimal, hexadecimal or (still my favourite) octal - they are all stored in the same way and you cannot tell whether a number was stored as hexadecimal, decimal or binary (it is just a value). I think...
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    UK Telephone Management Unit

    Thank you. A) I don't know the US system, but the XR2211 documentation referred to above does start with "TAN-008 Designing Caller Identification Delivery Using XR-2211 For U.S." (the UK - BT - version is later on in TAN-009). B) Given that it has taken me two years on and off to get to this...
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    UK Telephone Management Unit

    This unit monitors a phone line for incoming and outgoing calls, and logs them in a 4095-record circular buffer (actually, I don’t expect to receive and make more than 4095 calls anyway). Interface to the phone line uses a Retell 142. The 142 connects directly to the phone line (not to an...
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    HELP WITH DS3231 to read time using PicAxe

    If you Google DS3231 Picaxe you can find some sample code from 2011 (here and elsewhere.
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    20 bit on a picaxe

    According to the datasheet, it looks as if you send the required register address (write mode) and then read three bytes back, with 4 bits being ignored.
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    Is there a way to include the " character in a! string constant?

    To include a special character (such as double-quote) in a Picaxe character string, use its ASCII value directly (double-quote is 34) So: sertxd(34,"Hello World",34) will print "Hello World"
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    MAX7219 no-op method

    My interpretation of the datasheet is that each chip requires a 16-bit packet, so No-Op is $X0XX (as it says on page 10 of the datasheet). You write (address+data) as the 16-bit packet for the chip you want to change, and 16-bit No-Ops for the other ones (in the right order).
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    Read Temp DS18b20 Parasitic Mode

    I was in a similar position when I replaced the room thermostats with Picaxe-based ones. The bathroom temperature sensor was already wired with 2-core cable, so I used Neil's approach and it has worked flawlessly - admittedly not for 25 years yet.
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    Do loop while test

    Picaxe basic is rather fussy, in that in many places it needs a value or a variable, not a formula. So, if b0 => b1 is OK, but if b0 > b1-1 is not. Although the manual used to imply that parentheses could be used with X2 chips in some places, I'm not sure it was ever implemented.
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    Odd PE6 issue

    My impression from what I have done in the past (and I may be wrong, but I do exploit it) is that EEPROM data at any address is left intact unless that address is specified in a DATA or EEPROM statement and, of course, there is no #NO_DATA
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    Reset pin on picaxe 40X2

    Yes. I don't know of a way to put an upper bar on the text either - perhaps that's why there isn't.