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    Serial communications picaxe to picaxe IDE

    If you are intending to pass the values as decimal numbers, then you need to precede the variables with # (e.g. #b0), otherwise they will be interpreted either as characters (when they print as such) or non-printing characters (when they appear as decimal values in square brackets). The code...
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    Using the TIME feature on a 14M2

    In what way does it not work? It's usually worth adding some sertxd statements in your code so that you can see where the code is going. Add more statements as you identify where it is "going wrong".
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    Multiple i2c ports on the 1 picaxe possible???

    Also, the SPI and I2C ports are the same pins on the Picaxes
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    DAC 7571 from ti

    Your first code sets w1, which is (b2,b3) and then overwrites it anyway with constant values for b2 and b3 which are used in HI2COUT. The loops in the second code set w0, which is (b0,b1) and uses the (varying) values in HI2COUT. So, in the first case, you are simply sending the same two pairs...
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    forum certificate expired?

    Certificate expired 23 September 2019, 19:49:34 GMT
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    DAC 7571 from ti

    Just paste it into your message like ordinary text with the [ CODE ] and [ /CODE ] markers surrounding it. The display will interpret the markers and it will look like this: 'DAC7571 0-5v dac TI ' ' Sept11,2019 ' Start , got chip solded to carrier and put on 6 pins. ' 14 sept, byte not word...
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    DAC 7571 from ti

    Put [ CODE ] at the beginning of your code and [/CODE] at the end. Omit the spaces inside the brackets around CODE - I had to include them to stop the system doing this: Put at the beginning of your code and at the end
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    I2C devices - What's the preferred way to control multiple devices?

    In essence you are right, although the X2 devices do allow the use of [newslave] in hi2cin and hi2cout to change addresses without using a new hi2csetup. [newslave] requires all the other parameters (addressing mode, speed) to be the same. If that is not the case, then you need to do a new...
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    Incrementing to the next variable in FOR...NEXT loop.

    I don't think you want @bptrinc in the code - it will increment bptr twice (once in the loop, once with the "inc" @bptr should do
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    repeating procedure using inc Var

    Double-clicking on your flowchart for the call to the motor subroutine, it says "repeat 2" - hence the reason each print line appears twice - it's the equivalent of gosub prc_motor_runs_f_and_back gosub prc_motor_runs_f_and_back The pause happens only when VarA = 2 - you should be able to see...
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    Find problem

    I've had this on many occasions. When used within a workspace, it often throws you into another file - not the one in which you were searching.
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    SX1276 E32-915T20D LORA Command Format

    It does say "in hexadecimal format", so I would assume it means 0xC1C1C1 etc
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    Stack Overflow challenge ...

    As the "goto main" follows a "return", I don't think it can ever be executed, so it will not affect the stack. It just uses up a bit more programming space.
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    Scale readadc10 input to limit max value

    I think you will find it does "work". The reason that the calculation is split into two is to deal with the potential overflow. w0*w7 is the low (16-bit) part of the 32-bit answer, which is divided by 1024 w0**w7 is the upper (16-bit) part of the 32-bit answer, which is MULTIPLIED by 64...
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    Retrieving data from table

    It's a bit clunky, but you can do something like this to create the table (4 bytes per record) ... symbol Key1 = 1 :symbol Entry1 = 1 :symbol Code1 = "k" symbol Key2 = 12 :symbol Entry2 = 500 :symbol Code2 = "M" symbol Entry1.lsb = Entry1 // 256 symbol...