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    Help with pulsin and count mathematics

    Thanks Pete, you helped me alot, your example worked like a charm. My code now 20x2 + nextion + pwm generator SYMBOL PWM_SERIAL = c.1 SYMBOL ADC_VAR_WORD = W0 SYMBOL ADC_VAR = B0 SYMBOL ADC_VAR1 =B1 SYMBOL ID_VAR = B2 SYMBOL ID_VAR_1 = B3 SYMBOL PROG_VAR = B4 SYMBOL PROG_VAR_1 = B5 SYMBOL...
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    Help with pulsin and count mathematics

    Hi m8's, I need some help related with data conversion, I'm working on a device that must be able to measure the pwm characteristics. I used COUNT to get the frequency, and pulsin to get the duty cycle time. Can anyone help me with code/mathematics to convert frequency to period (ex. 125hz =...
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    Nextion single LiPo

    I use nextion displays with picaxe in various projects, the first thing I want to warn you about is... Be cautious about 5 volt supply stability, when supplying your nextion displays. They have an embedded boost converter to supply the backlight (8.2v), the oscillator chip in it, is very...
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    Automotive sensor/actuator tester and simulator

    Hi m8's. It's been a while since my last post. Today Im here to share with you my last picaxe project, it will be (i hope) a car eletronic components tester and simulator. As a automotive eletrician, i struggle everyday with diagnosing faults on eletronic sensors, actuators and actuators with...
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    need help about pwm

    Ok, thanks for your help. Now i understand that what i want is truly complicated, and memory nearly impossible since i want to had extra functions to the project. (i want to build a "nearly all in one automobile component tester" voltmeter, pulse/frequency counter, pulse/frequency generator...
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    need help about pwm

    hi. i´m using picaxe since 2009 and this is my first time asking for help here in forum. i´m doing a pwm generator project using a 20m2, two potenciometer a 4x16 oled a mosfet driver and a a mosfet, the project consists in a adjustable period and duty generator. the project already works and...