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    8-channel window ornament

    Hi Erik - I very much liked your project - it would save a bit of head scratching if you can please specify the which LED positions on the star relate to each of the 8 channels - thanks! Alan
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    Project Activity Poll

    kits supplied by the diesel lorry for which this sound unit is destined hasn't been launched yet, but the steam lorry variant is in current production - I'm already supplying a steam sound unit for this one.
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    Using MP3 trigger with Picaxe

    Hi Temple I did a mp3 Trigger project in 2012 using a PICAXE 08M2 communicating by serial. I've copied the initial part of the code which gives some good pointers as to what is necessary to get it to work and operating considerations to take on board in developing your project. The magic...
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    AXE131Y firmware

    In the PICAXE Store the AXE131Y 8x2 OLED page resources link to AXE133Y which upon examination is set up for 16x2 with comments how to change for 20 character displays - can I assume it's safe to edit for 8 lines and reduce the stored message lengths accordingly? I'm just looking to change the...
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    interrupts during the pause command

    From the documentation I note that the input ports are "checked repeatedly" during PAUSE commands. Does anyone know how often this is please ? - I wish to check for the occurence of a 5mSec pulse - but what's the betting that during a PAUSE command interrupts are checked at the 50Hz rate used...
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    Corruption of "time" variable

    I'm using the "time" variable (at 4Mhz) to time periods up to 20 seconds using an 08M2. Initially I disable "time" immediately following it being detected to have been updated so I when I later start my timer (and enable "time") it gives a complete second upon the first update update of the...
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    writing word data to eeprom

    I have a word variable stored in eeprom 6 & 7 which in certain circumstances I need to reset with a fixed value, in my case 90. The statement "write 6, word 90" fails syntax check. Assigning 90 to a word variable, eg w0, and then issuing "write 6, word w0" is a work around, as is omitting the...
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    introducing readadc command corrupts calibadc10 readings 08M2

    In my 08M2 project I'm continually measuring the battery supply voltage and also reading a 5k pot (connected across the supply rails - wiper to C.4) which is part of the main function of the program. I found the measured supply voltage reading varied as I adjusted the pot - the error coming in...
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    Breadboarding Gizmo

    This is a simple hardware device to plug a 20M2 into a standard breadboard with a power input wired to the chip and to each of the power bus side rails, a power indicator LED, PICAXE programming socket and an LED on the SEROUT line. I used a 3 pin header (RC servo format) for the power input as...
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    08M2 - synchronising with the time variable

    I'm making a variable period timer from 10 seconds up to 10 minutes or so - required resolution of one second. Happy with the accuracy of using the time variable, but finding a problem with starting the the timing period. The command time=0 sets the time register to zero but the overall function...
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    Any budding PCB makers ?

    I'm putting out my prototype and low volume production PCBs to be made by the "isolation milling" technique, prior to ordering etched boards in bulk from China. The supplier I found (I know I musn't advertise in this forum) can make boards from your appropriate Gerber files or (at additional...
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    20X2 HPWM problem

    Hi ya I'm using a 20X2 which processes various RC input signals, reads a couple of pots and three jumper links, has several digital outputs and also gebnerates a single PWM stream. Having designed and built a strip-board layout I wrote some trivial test programs to exercise the hardware before...
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    Advice sought on feasibilty of sound effect module (20X2 & serial EEPROM)

    BACKGROUND For some time I've been looking at making a sound effect system for model boats utilising recorded sounds - horns, guns, bells, asdic whoops etc plus repeated loops for engine sounds, clocked out at a variable rate proportional to the throttle setting. And yes, I know the latter...
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    18X ADC1 input "stuck"

    Hi ya - I have a problem with the 18X - anything stupid that I've overlooked perhaps or is it something you have seen/heard of before? I have a 5k pot wired across the 5v supply, the wiper connected to leg18 (INPUT1/ADC1). Without the chip in the socket, twiddling the pot gives a nice smooth...
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    erratic pulsin returns if servo command running in background

    Hi ya I'm a newbie to PICAXE, though an old hand at BASIC. I'm writing a program for a radio control application that moves a servo through various sequences dependent on the transmitter stick position. Running the finished program I found the thresholds at which sequences trigger seemed very...